Hi! I'm Kameran, your coach.

After my first marriage ended in divorce, I desperately sought out tools to help so I would never had to go through the that type of heartache again.  I spent thousands of dollars in therapy, searching for the right tools to perfect my next relationship, and what I found in addition, was my purpose. The purpose to do better for me, my son, and my future husband.

Moe & I have been married now for over 5 years. We have a great marriage.

Is our marriage perfect? No, and that’s not the point.

A great marriage takes intention, effort and both of us working on ourselves as individuals every single day so that we can show up for our marriage and our boys, as our best selves.

I became a Certified Relationship Coach because I truly believe it’s my God-given purpose. I want to help couples divorce-proof their marriages, whether that means helping couples who are struggling or coaching couples who are just starting out in their journey and know they want an exceptional future.  

Connect My Marriage!


Connected is a monthly membership designed to bring you the one thing missing in most marriages...connection.

Connection comes from emotional safety in conversations that are deeper than "how was your day". Connection leads to emotional intimacy, the key ingredient to making physical intimacy more than another item on your to do list.

Connection brings you back to the beginning of your relationship when things were fun and you were getting to know who your partner was then but with the safety and comfort of the one who's loved you through it all.